Stop Solar Panel theft!

Solar panels are open to theft and there is very little that can be done about it. They are very easy to steal. Practice showed that extensive patrols, supported by surveillance cameras will not work on longer term.
Once one panel has been removed, the rest of that row is automatically disconnected, and thus effectively stolen. For the experts, “the job” can be swift and lucrative.

The bottom line is that the Akraboot4 SolarLock has reduced theft by over 90%. Installation will not damage panels or needs heavy maintenance.

Within the UK and Ireland the Akraboot4 SolarLock is exclusively imported by Akraboot (UK) Limited and is a new and leading product on the market.

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Our Products


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The Akraboot4 SolarLock is the only known security system, which dramatically eradicates the problem of theft of PV solar panels. World wide it is the recommended solution of many leading insurance companies and energy suppliers to secure PV solar panels.

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Akraboot Optical Security

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AKRABOOT Optical Security

Optical Security System can be seamlessly integrated with the AKRABOOT4 SolarLock. As an extension of the mechanical security the electronic security system can send messages to multiple GSM modules and connected to both new or existing alarm systems.

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